LAWCG - Latin American Workshop on Cliques in Graphs - is meant to foster interaction between the Latin American Graph Theory and combinatorics researchers, whose research interests include cliques, clique graphs, the behavior of cliques and related issues.

The previous editions of LAWCG were held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2002), La Plata, Argentina (2006), Guanajuato, Mexico (2008), Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2010), Buenos Aires, Argentina (2012), Pirenópolis, Brazil (2014), La Plata, Argentina (2016), and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (2018), Rio de Janeiro (remotely), Brazil (2020) and Curitiba, Brazil (2022).

In all editions, the participants of the conference are invited to submit an extended abstract describing their contributions to Matemática Contemporânea, a journal of the Brazilian Mathematical Society.

Steering Committee

  • Liliana Alcón, UNLP, La Plata, Argentina
  • Márcia Cappelle, UFG, Goiânia, Brazil
  • Erika Coelho, UFG, Goiânia, Brazil
  • Celina Herrera de Figueiredo, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Marina Groshaus, UTFPR, Curitiba, Brazil
  • Marisa Gutierrez, UNLP, La Plata, Argentina
  • Miguel Pizaña, UAM, Mexico, Mexico